Dear Mr. Curtis

Dear Mr. Curtis,
I hate reading but this book has changed my attitude about reading. When I first saw the cover but, I thought it be dumb. I’m Vince Watkins and I like this book. I am writing this letter to tell you how I like the way you made Byron, what my favorite part of the book was, and what I thought of the main theme.
I liked the way that you made it so that Byron was really funny. I really liked when he bought the cookies without his parents’ permission. Without little funny things like this, it is very, very hard for me to stay interested. I also liked when he and Buphead beat up Kenny and kept throwing him in the snow. Byron was a great character.
My very favorite part of the book was when Larry Dunn was beating up Kenny and Rufus and then Byron came over and started to beat up Larry Dunn. This shows that Kenny’s brother cares about him very much. Although it may not always be obvious but I think that Byron loves his family and especially Kenny.
I think the main theme of this book is how different cities can be very different. An example is how the kids in Flint, Michigan are a lot meaner. Birmingham is different as well like how there is a lot more racism down there. I really like how you showed the difference between the two. Thanks for doing that.
Overall, there is not a thing that I would change in this book. Thanks for taking the time to read this. It would be great to receive a response.

Vince Watkins

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Complaint Letter

Wilson Sporting Goods
8750 W. Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, Illinois 60631

April 26, 2011

Dear Customer Service Manager,

I am hoping you can help me get my problem resolved concerning a newly purchased basketball of yours that came with a hole. On my birthday, April 6th, I got a basketball as a gift. I was very excited until I tried it out and found that semi-flat and losing air. After several attempts to pump it up, I discovered a hole in the ball.

I would really be happy to receive a replacement ball at no charge. It was a red and white NCAA ball purchased from WalMart. It was a 29.5″ ball.

I am a huge fan of your company and your products. Over the years, I have bought soccer balls, basketballs, and many other quality goods. This one problem does not seem consistent with the caliber of your equipment.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and continuing to be a loyal customer.



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Compare and Contrast

Lisa Simpson and Brian Griffin both have a caring side. In an episode of the Simpsons, Lisa tries to protect bees by trying to stop Mr. Burns from bulldozing the greenhouse where the bees live. This shows that she will go out of her way to protect nature. Brian is also a caring person. Once in Family Guy, Peter’s kidney fails so he needs a new one. Brian is wiling to give up his even though it would kill him. This shows that he would give up his life for someone he loves. Both of these characters are very caring.

On the other hand, these two characters are very different. Lisa does not connect with people and therefore has no friends. Her social skills are lacking. As opposed to Brian who has no problem making friends. He often has girlfriends as well. As you can see, these two characters are very different as well.

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Name Research

The name Vincent was chosen by my parents because it was my mom’s best friend’s husband’s name. Both of my parents really enjoyed the name and my mom liked that it worked in Spanish and English. They decided on my name one week before I was born. This name belonged to a close family friend who was one of the youngest U.S. master chefs ever.

The origin of this name is from the Latin word “vincentius” meaning prevailing or conquering. It is a fairly common name and has been in the top 200 since 1900. It is a Spanish and Italian name. Some famous people who share my name are Vince Carter, Vince Young, Vince Lombardi, Vince Vaughn, and Vincent Van Gogh. My name was used in the song “Starry, Starry Night” by Don McLean.

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Cause and Effect

TV, Xbox, sports; they’re all big distractions when it comes to studying. There are many distractions when comes down to studying.
Because I failed my math test I have an F in math. Since I have an F in math my parents took away my sports. Because I don’t have sports I have to study a lot. Since I am studying so much I am losing sleep. Therefore I cannot pay attention during class. Because of that I have to study even more at home.
Also I am too lazy to study. This makes my parents crazy. Therefore Also I am too lazy to study. This makes my parents crazy. Therefore I lose all of the fun things in my life. This gives me motivation.
This is what makes me sad. If I study I will study to get better results. After this everything will be alright. Studying has many consequences and distractions.

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Bullying Stopped

Kids are afraid to go to school.  They are harassed the whole day.  No one stands up for them.  After every class, these victims rush through everything so the bully can’t catch them in the hallway.  We have to stop this.

One way is to give kids a point on their grade average in the class of their choice if they turn a bully in.  This would give bystanders incentive to turn them in.  The information would have to be verified through a witness.  After that the bullying will be solved.

Another way is to set people up with buddies so then the bully would be outnumbered and less likely to act out.  You would have to match buddies by choosing kids taking the same classes.  Bullies are powerless when they are outnumbered.  This would also help to stop bullying.

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Mrs.Brink – Vending Machines

As I stumble into 7th period, I can barely remember where my seat is. i feel my eyes closing , the sleepiness taking over. That was until the teacher passed out the test. All I can think of is quick energy.

Vending machines would give students a quick snack and the energy to get an A on that test. Sure they could drop a wrapper every once in a while, but with the money from it you could hire more custodians. If you catch someone littering then you can just put consequences on it. In all it will benefit more people.

They are also a great source of money. If you get good snacks then it will bring in good money. Vending machines will literally pay for themselves. In addition, you can buy more machines with the profit. Overall, they will make much more money than you spent on them.

It will also give students energy to get good grades. With the energy boost, students can pay attention in class and, in doing so, will definitely make better grades. Also, if a student misses breakfast, they can get a quick snack. Recent studies show that kids who do not eat breakfast get 28% worse grades. This shows that kids need energy from food to get and maintain good grades. This is why kids need energy during school.

We need to get vending machines. All you need to do is use the extra money to buy a couple. If you don’t, you’ll have worse grades and kids falling asleep. The most important thing to remember is vending machines will greatly benefit everyone.

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Kids Should Not Be Paid For Good Grades

Kids getting paid for good grades would be a nightmare.  If kids got paid, it would benefit no one except the kids.  Kids should not be paid for making scores that they are supposed to be getting anyway.

Some people may think that we should pay kids for good grades. This is important to them because it motivates kids to make better grades. Without this incentive, they think that kids won’t perform as well. However, students shouldn’t get paid for doing what they are supposed to do. As you can see, paying kids sends the wrong message.

The first reason is that kids could spend the money on drugs. For example, if they had a little extra money in their pockets, they may be tempted to spend it on drugs or other bad things. This shows that extra money can be spent the wrong way. Also, they can talk their friends into buying bad things. This shows that kids do not make good decisions with money. Clearly, kids cannot be trusted with money.

The second reason is adults will have to payer higher taxes. For example, the money they spent on tax could have gone to world hunger relief or other charities. This shows that money spent could be going to better causes. Obviously, paying kids is terrible idea.

Kids should not get money for doing good in school.  Use the money to go to a good cause instead of the kids.  Just think how bad it would be if the kids had a pocketful of money.  The most important thing to remember is that paying a child for good grades would be a nightmare.

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Snickers vs. Jolly Ranchers

Some people think Jolly Ranchers are better than Snickers.  They say that there are so many more flavors of Jolly Ranchers.  What they don’t think about is that you only get one one flavor when eating a Jolly Rancher while you taste several flavors when eating a Snickers.  So if you want a variety of flavors, Snickers is the answer.

Some people think Jolly Ranchers are better than Snickers. They say that there are more flavors in Jolly Ranchers. What they don’t think about is that you get only one flavor in each Jolly Rancher while you get many flavors in each Snickers. So if you want a variety of flavors, then Snickers is the way to go. Although there is really only one flavor of Snickers, there are many flavors in that one.

Snickers offer more nutrition than Jolly Ranchers. While Snickers have more calories, Jolly Ranchers are made up of only sugar. Snickers have protein in the peanuts. The delicious chocolate coating provides a source of caffeine. This makes for a much better snack during the day to keep you going. Overall Snickers provide a much snack by satisfying your hunger while providing nutrition.

Chocolate, caramel, peanuts and nougat are all packed into one wrapper!  This is a delicious candy with so many flavors.  Think of what you’re missing out on.  Grab a Snickers next that you put your hand in the candy bowl.


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Writers On Strike

If you are going to fight these animals, then you will have to give it your all. I have been in this situation before, and all I can tell you is kill them before they kill you. You will be fighting vicious beasts, but think of what you are doing for your country.  Before you go fighting, think of the people you love and how you will be saving there lives.

You have a huge advantage because you are trained and you have better weapons.  These animals only know one thing, and that is to kill you.  You are some of the bravest men and women I know.  Good luck, go kill some animals!

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